How do I create a Moderated matter?

Share matters with the courts, arbitrators and mediators with the ability to have restricted documents

We have developed a new function for matters which need to be shared with the courts, mediators and arbitrators.

When creating a matter you can now create a ‘Moderated matter’ - which will not allow annotations to be made to it, so there is no risk of accidentally annotating documents which could be seen by the judge or opposing counsel.

We recommend you create a private eBrief Ready matter for your own annotations, court documents and other documents.

Within a ‘Moderated matter’ it is possible to have restricted documents. A restricted document can be copied, printed or downloaded using the eBrief Ready built in functions by the ‘Owner’ of the matter. For any other users these options will be greyed out.

Matters can only be copied to yourself and if you are not the ‘Owner’ then the restricted documents will not be copied. 

Watch our short video below to see how simple the new functionality is to use.