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How do I enable dual page numbering?

In court, you may want to review a document with a witness - for instance an Affidavit or Expert Report - and, at the same time, point the Judge to the correct page of the Brief/Court Book.

This feature is designed to enable an easy integration with those Judges who prefer a hard copy printed Court Book. A practitioner need not mark up a Court Book with many thousands of pages in order to refer the judge to the appropriate page.

This new feature allows you to see both the document and the Brief/Court Book page numbering at the same time.

To use this new feature:

  1. Open up any document and select the 'Paginate Using Brief/Court Book' option

    image 1
  2. Select the Brief/Court Book you want the pagination to align with

    Image 2-1
  3. You will now see two page numbers. The document page number and the Brief/Court Book page number
Image 3-1

Any other documents that you open contained in the Brief/Court Book will now also show this dual page numbering.

This new setting is local to you. Unless other members of your matter also turn on this option, they will just see the standard pagination.