What are the differences between the Law Firm +, Law Firm, Pro and Free accounts?

'Law Firm +' account - suitable for large-to-mid size firms

The 'Law Firm +' account option - for multiple users at the same firm - allows firm's to manage their users on the eBrief Ready platform (for example transfer matters if someone leaves the firm or is away sick). It also provides firms with their own branded, customised landing page and email template for sharing matters, as well as access to Single Server Sign On (SSON) and assistance with firm compliance requirements, and all of the features contained within the other account options.

'Law Firm' account - suitable for small-to-mid size firms

The 'Law Firm' account option - also for multiple users at the same firm -allows firm's to manage their users on the eBrief Ready platform, as well as providing a branded, customised landing page and email template for sharing matters. In addition, this account option includes training and invoice billing. 

'Pro' account - suitable for individual solicitors

When briefing barristers from non-eBrief Ready lists, you or your firm will need a paid subscription in order to be able to access the eBrief Ready Pro functionality (including annotations, the ability to produce a court book, etc).

The Pro license is designed for sole practitioners or individuals within a law firm. If there is only one user at your firm, you can be set up with an eBrief Ready Pro subscription - which costs $30 per month (ex GST, based on an annual subscription).

'Free' account

When sharing a matter with an eBrief Ready list, a user with a paid account or the Courts, you will have access to all of the eBrief Ready Pro version functionality for free for that matter and any other matter you share with them.

You do not need to take up a paid subscription if you or your firm is in this situation.

This is similar to the Zoom video conferencing model, where if someone owns a license, their recipient gets the benefit of a fully functional Zoom experience. Free Zoom account users do not get free access to all the functionality of a Zoom license if they are the call originator and do not have a paid license (for example, call times are limited to 45 minutes, the number of participants in a call is limited, etc). Similarly, eBrief Ready users with Free accounts can still share PDF documents with other parties, they just can’t access the full functionality of the product.

Can I see a breakdown of the account options?

For reference, view the account pricing options here.